Geek and Chill

This is our primary spot where we geek and chill. We share our thoughts and experiences on games, movies, comics and everything in between.

With Great Power

We've lost a legend... The great Stan Lee is no longer with us, but he leaves behind a universe for us to treasure and explore. We share a few thoughts on the titan himself. Additionally, we discuss our recent trip to Gamer Comic Expo 2018, initial thoughts on Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee!, and why are so many classics making the jump to live action?!

A Very Venomous Halloween

Our first ever Halloween special is here! Along with great topics to discuss as well. We give our spoiler-esque thoughts on Venom. Excitement for a few premiers such as The Flash and Titans. And to tie it back with our previous episode, Miguel's thoughts on Google's Project Stream and Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

Out of band

Spinoff from Geek and Chill, Out of Band focuses on a single topic worthy of discussion.

Dragon Ball Super Broly - Out Of Band

Spoilers inbound so be prepared. Check out our thoughts and impressions of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Perhaps our new favorite anime movie of all time?!

Bumblebee - Thoughts and Impressions

Spoilers inbound so be prepared. Thanks for checking out our thoughts on Bumblebee. Awesome blocker buster movie during the winter break.